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Thank you for all your help! I couldn't have done it without you!"

 Julie Zetlin, 2012 US Olympic Team, Rhythmic Gymnastics.


When I first met Micaiah, I wore orthotics and my feet were in pain all the time. I had been seen by a podiatrist, received cortisone shots, regular physical therapy and various types of orthotics, none of which ever worked. I have very high arches with frequent, severe cramping.  Over time, the orthotics had created a worse problem. My feet almost molded to the shape of the orthotics and I could no longer wear any other type of shoes without going into severe cramping.

 Micaiah approached my feet methodically and worked in very small movements. I can't really explain how the magic worked, but slowly, slowly over a year of treatments, Micaiah released the tiny ligaments in my feet as I worked to strengthen the ligaments/muscles in my feet and ankles. This combined approach eventually resulted in pain-free feet and the opportunity to wear various types of shoes again without orthotics! 

I highly recommend Micaiah to anyone with feet problems. If you trust her and have patience, she can be your foot healer too! 

 Forever grateful, 

 Christine Andreychuk,

Sammamish, Washington 

"This has been the most insightful and innovative bodywork I have ever experienced. Completely comfortable. None of the 'no pain, no gain' mentality. Please put me on her weekly schedule. There is no question she knows exactly what she is doing, and why. I expect we will make good progress on issues I have dealt with and tried to address for years. I am looking forward to the results of these sessions. Finally.What an amazing session!" T.M. 

"My expectations are hi​gh now because they've been exceeded many times.  As expected, the massage was amazing." --- Bryan S. 

"Micaiah seems to be very skilled. She was recommended by Ana ( a doctor of naturopathy and acupuncturist ) and I can see why. She treated my lower back for the first 30 minutes or so but then also did a nice relaxing massage treatment."           --- Jim M. 

"Micaiah is very skilled and obviously experienced. I felt she listened to my concerns and addressed them well." --- Donna P. 

"Micaiah always does a great job, so I've come to expect the kind of massage I received. She is specific in her approach and so has very good results when addressing any concerns I have."  --- Christie M. 

"She is amazing!! So attentive and adaptive to my changing needs. She is an asset to your location - a top tier massage therapist!" --- Melanie T.

"I scheduled an appointment for a relaxing massage, but I am unused to getting massages. Micaiah was very helpful in discovering what I liked best and I left very relaxed."  --- Taylor G. 

"Micaiah is so tuned in to what my body needs. She is wonderful!"   --- Ann P.

"Micaiah does a different kind of massage. I asked also for
lymphatic massage which she accomplished with an efficient, subtle adeptness and resulted in a decrease of swelling and bruising I had on my face and neck. Very therapeutic work." --- Wendi S.

"Micaiah exceeded my expectations. She was extremely knowledgeable. I will definitely see her again!" --- Kathy Z. 

"This was my first time with Micaiah. Her method was somewhat different from what I am used to, but it was thorough and relaxing. I can get used to the change."  ---
Carmeta F.

"It is so nice to come into Micaiah's space. It is exceptionally relaxing.  Micaiah is wonderful!"  --- Diane D. 

"The results were positive. I was able to fall asleep on my back for the first time in months because by back didn't hurt in this position after the massage."  --- Betty A. 

"Micaiah is very knowledgeable and with her history in personal training, she shared information that helped relieve my pain in between sessions and increase my flexibility. All in all, she is an asset to your company and a huge benefit in 
my self care regimen." — David K.

"I told Micaiah I was tight in the shoulders and she really focused in and helped explain what she was doing and why. It really worked well to heal the problem." --- Meredith P.

"Micaiah is good...she knows her stuff."  ---- Kaiulani S.

"Micaiah listened very carefully to me prior to beginning the massage and worked to alleviate the pain I was feeling. She was very caring and helpful."  --- Rebecca H.

"Micaiah really worked on the problem areas and helped me figure out how to pay attention to my body and what muscles are engaging when other areas of my body should be doing the work." -- Janet W.

"She exceeded my expectations. I will definitely return to her table:)" --- Gail M.

"Micaiah is professional in sharing referrals that would prove to be helpful to me. I appreciated that and we will be discussing their results in our next session which I am looking forward to. Many thanks!" --- Earleen L. 

"Micaiah always manages to help me relax and work the specific areas that need attention. It is nice to have someone who is willing to work with extreme circumstances. We have made great progress on my scars!" -- D. N. (Double mastectomy cancer pt.) 

Stayed there when my husband proposed 7 yrs ago ! We celebrated that and my 50th Birthday this week-end. Omg the Hotel staff is amazing . They are always accommodating and friendly - like they are there to happily serve YOU. I had a deep tissue massage by Micaiah St Christopher that was Amazing !! - Kay S.

"That was the most interesting, and innovative massage I have EVER had! I am very impressed. And it has been completely effective. I can already tell the difference. Thank you so much!" - David S. 

"I am totally shocked by what you've been able to do with D.O.! You do exceptional work." - Chiropractor, who will remain anonymous:)